About me

My name is Darko Vukovic and I was born on August 23, 1971 in Novi Sad. I graduated from the “Bogdan Šuput” high school in 1990, after which I enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1992. I graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1997 in the field of graphic communication with a prosecution grade of 9.62. I graduated from the same Academy, in the field of graphic communication, from the subject of a poster on the theme “Human figure in a theater post”, in 2004 with a grade of 10. Since 1997 I have been engaged in the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, on the subject of posterity as an assistant in scientific and research work. Since October 2007 I have been a professor, and since 2012 I have been a professor. In 2017 I was elected as a professor. Member of UPIDIV since 1996. So far, I have realized over 30 posters, working with, above all, the Youth Theater of Novi Sad, the National Theater of Subotica, the Osijek National Theater, the Split National Theater and the Split Youth Theater. From the exhibition, I quote the following:

  • Exhibition of engraved posters, gallery of the Novi Sad Open University, 1998
  • Exhibition of theatrical poster “Theatart”, Theater of Youth Theater in 2003
  • Exhibition of theatrical poster “Theatart”, exhibition hall of HNK in Osijek, 2003
  • Exhibition of theatrical poster “Theatart”, HMI gallery in Split, 2003
  • Exhibition of graphic design “Plakati-neplakati”, gallery “Magis”, Osijek 2012.
  • Graphic Design Exhibition “As a Good Day”, “Sveti Kršovan” gallery, Šibenik 2012.
  • Exhibition of graphic design “Plakati-neplakati”, gallery “Matis”, Zagreb, 2013.
  • Exhibition of Graphic Design “Plakati-neplakati”, Modern Gallery “Likovni susret”, Subotica, 2013
  • Exhibition of works in the field of graphic design, premises of the Institute of Culture of the Duke of Croatia, Subotica 2010. godine
    Collective exhibitions:
  • International triennial of political posters in Mons (Belgium), 1998, 2001 and 2016
  • “Dossier Serbia” exhibition in Vienna, Berlin and Belgrade, 2001
  • The World Triennial of theatrical posters in Sofia (Bulgaria), 2001
  • World biennial posters in Tehran (Iran), 2009
  • Exhibition FORMA 15 (exhibition of UPIDIV members), 1998
  • IX, X and XI Exhibition of Theater Postcards and Graphic Design, Novi Sad 1998, 2001 and 2004
  • Exhibition of posters on the occasion of the National Theater of Subotica for the poster of “Europeans”, Subotica, 2001.
    I am the winner of several awards:
  • First prize at the XI exhibition of posters in the framework of the Sterio Prize in the competition of realized posters, 2004
  • First prize at the competition for visual indeterminacy Forms 15, Novi Sad in 1998
  • The first and third prize at the X exhibition of the poster post within the Sterio pozori category in the poster-project category, ie realized posters, Novi sad 2001
  • Prize at the 9th Exhibition of the Poster Plaque in the framework of the Sterio Theater at the Competition of Poster Design, Novi Sad in 1998
  • First Prize for the Visual Identity Competition “Novosadski Salon”, 2007
  • First prize at the National Theater in Subotica for the poster “Europeans” and “Totek” in 2001
  • Special Prize of the National Theater of Užice for the poster of “Per Gint”, 2000
  • Wall Decals or Wall Calendar Awards on Federation Calendar Exhibitions 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2010 and 2013
  • Special prize for the poster “Recycle” and exhibition of prize-winning finalists at the Terraneo Festival, Sibenik, 2013
    In cooperation with the Novi Sad Museum of Vojvodina I realized cooperation in terms of visual solution and graphic design of the materials of the following exhibitions: “Everything is only advertising”, “The Military Battalion”, “White Russia”, “The World War”, “Banat Military Border”,” Old meta-new spacing “and” Ala we have been … “. As a docent and ex. Professor at the Academy of Art was a coordinator on several projects, of which I would like to distinguish the following: Member of the Organizing Committee of the World Biennale of the Student Poster, “Spain-From the Side” (Cooperation of the Academy and Gallery of Matica Srpska), “Vivisektfest” (Cooperation of the Academy and Non- Vojvodanka “),” Stop violence against women “(co-operation between the Academy and the Institute for Gender Equality)” 30 years of the EKV group “(co-operation between the Academy and the Student Cultural Center),” Nature on the poster (cooperation between the Academy and the Society for Population Policy Breg) .
    In professional engagement with graphic design I have succeeded in successful cooperation with many clients and institutions I would like to distinguish: Novi Sad, NIS (Serbian Petroleum Industry), “Agrosemeinvest” Sremska Mitrovica, “Q Sphere” (London, England), Cultural Center – New York City Museum, Vojvodina Museum, Novi Sad, “GP Computers” (Novi Sad), “GP Liberty invest” (Belgrade), Gallery “Tableau” – Novi Sad, “B4B” – Novi Sad, JKP “Čistoća” – Novi Sad, JKP “Stan” – Novi Sad, “Arcus” – Novi Sad, Zavod za kulturu Vojvodina Hrvata, Zavod za kulturu Vojvodske Rusine, Podrum vina “Bodrog” Bački Monoštor, “Portanova” Osijek, “Zavod za ravnopravnost polova” , The Institute for Culture of Vojvodina, the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technology, the Festival of Street Players and many others.